Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me from A to Z

I saw this on Casey's blog and I thought it was cute. So here it is, A to Z about me!

A. age :: twenty-five (twenty-six in September)

B. bed size :: king

C. chore you hate :: vacuuming!! absolutely despise it. fortunately, Corby likes to vacuum.

D. dogs :: Kenzie, my pomeranian. but she lives with my parents because our pet deposit is ridiculous!

E. essential start to your day :: a shower. i need my morning shower to wake me up.

F. favorite color :: purple

G. gold or silver :: {white} gold

H. height :: 5'3" - ish?

I. instruments you play :: i played the piano for 12 years

J. job title :: Membership and Communications Director at the Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA

K. kids :: none... yet!

L. live :: Fort Worth, TX

M. maiden name :: Koenig

N. nicknames :: LJ and my husband calls me chipmunk because of the face i make when i pout. haha :)

O. overnight hospital stays :: i was in the hospital for 21 days when i had my appendix removed because i had a lot of complications and ended up having to have a second surgery. not fun.

P. pet peeve :: liars

Q. quote :: "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."  - CS Lewis

R. righty or lefty :: lefty!

S. siblings :: i'm an only child, but i now have two brother-in-laws!

T. time you wake up :: 7:00 am on the week days

U. university attended :: Texas A&M University

V. vegetables you dislike :: brussle sprouts?

W. what makes you run late :: hitting the snooze button one (or four) too many times

X. x-rays you've had :: i've popped my right elbow out of socket twice when i was little (one x-ray for each), i broke my arm in high school and i had to have an x-ray (along with ct scans) when i had my surgery to figure out why i was having so much pain in my abdomen.

Y. yummy food :: pasta of any kind and Mexican food (healthy, I know)

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Penguins!

Happy Thursday! I'm off at noon today for a much needed long weekend!!

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Mrs. Stovall2011 said...

OK Lia ......... don't take this wrong but we were meant to be friends!!! Not sure if you know this but I am IN LOVE with penguins! Seriously they are just the CUTEST things ever. One of my professors went to Antartica and got to see so many different penguins, I came home and told Scott that will be on of our vacations =)