Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's Monday again. And I'm not feeling great today, so I'm going to keep this short.

This weekend was fairly uneventful. But busy at the same time. How does that even happen?!

Friday night, hubs and I were lazyyy. We watched the Rangers play (and lose) game one of the playoffs. Then caught up on some of our recorded shows from the week!

Saturday, I got up early to head to Bible study! Some of the girls in my Sunday school class have decided to start a Bible study every other Saturday morning. I am thrilled because our church is about 35 minutes away (with no traffic) and it's hard to get up to that area on a week night. We are doing one of Beth Moore's studys: The Beloved Disciple. I love Beth Moore's books and I couldn't be more thrilled to be studying the life of John with such incredible women.

After Bible study, I headed home to watch the second half of the A&M game with Corby. I clearly should have stayed in Bedford (at Bible study) because A&M decided not to show up for the second half of the game... FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!!!!! Ugh! It was another nasty loss.

But to make things a little bit better, Baylor also lost. And they lost to an unranked team. HA! :)  

{that was really mean of me... opps}

Saturday ended a little bit better with a big Rangers win over Tampa Bay!! The series is now tied 1-1. Game 3 is this afternoon in Tampa Bay. Gooo Rangers!

Corby helping out the Rangers from our living room :)
 Sunday morning it was FINALLY cool enough outside for me to enjoy one of these bad boys on the way to church....

Oooh sweet pumpkin spice latte
When we got home, we rested for a bit and finished catching up on recorded TV shows. About 5:00, we got to work organizing boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff for a garage sale next weekend!! I never realized how much work garage sales are. But I am soooo excited to finally get rid of some stuff that has been taking up space!

That pretty much sums up our weekend... I'm so ready for 5:00 to be here so I can head home and lay down!

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