Monday, March 12, 2012


Ya'll... It is seriously wayy past time for this girl to get her butt into shape...

I was a dancer growing up. Not like drill team dancer, but ballet. I did ballet for 18 years. Never in my life did I have to worry about what I ate. I danced at least 4 days a week for about 4+ hours a night. Talk about a great workout! I was in great shape until I was about 20. 

Then I stopped dancing. My eating habits never really changed, but the lack of working out caught up to me. And lets face it, your metabolism doesn't work as fast in your late 20's as it did when you were 17. At least mine doesn't.


Well, some of my best friends and sorority sisters have planned a mini vacation/reunion in June. And I can't wait. BUT... We're going to the beach! Ahhh! I need to get into better shape before I plan on going anywhere near a bikini!

Let's face it. This is going to suck at first. But I'm going to do it.
I'm gettin' back in shape!

I've never been a runner, but I'm gonna try. I'm going to start easy and work my way up.
{I'm thinking that I will try the Couch to 5K thing}

I'm also going to use this dvd...

If you have any workout tips or ideas, please let me know! I can clearly use all the help I can get!

Workout starts tonight!
{Maybe I'll be motivated enough to wake up and work out in the AM.. But, lets face it, I'm NOT a morning person}

Happy Monday, lovelies!


Carolyn said...

Best of luck my friend! :) I hear ya... I've been trying to get back on the in-shape train and it's not fun. But I keep telling myself it'll be worth it. :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ugh I am the same. Played sports my whole life - 3 in high school - and was tiny. Then after college I was only playing one and started gaining :( I've let it slide for so long but am finally trying to do something about it now.

I've been eating my smallest meal at dinner and using the MyFitnessPal app (free) and it's helped a bit. Good luck!

brynn said...

you can do it!

but good luck...that jillian is a B!

CALLIE said...

Both of these are fantastic workouts to start with. I started my running with the couch to 5k program and was running a half marathon less than a year later. I do the 30 Day Shred all the time. I hate that woman, but she works.

You might also like the Zumba dvd set. I've never been to a class, but I ordered the dvds online and I seriously do that multiple days a week.

I also use the MyFitnessPal app to keep track of calorie intake. It really works!!

Lindsey said...

Good luck girl! Def recommend an app for your smart phone like MyFItnessPal so you can track your cals and work outs! I need all the help I can get too.

Texan Couture said...

My body has the same problem. I danced ballet from the ages 3-17. My whole life my legs were long and lean. Now I run to keep in shape

Leslie said...

Ohh yay for a summer beach trip!

Jillian's 30 day shred is awesome and I always hear good things about the couch to 5k program! Who knows, maybe in a few months you will feel like training for a half marathon and we can run one together :)

Ever thought of doing P90X too? I did it for awhile and started seeign results after 2 is SO freakin hard though!!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I know working out helps a lot - but I just lost about 20 lbs. in 8 weeks primarily cutting out processed foods. Diet consists of fruit, veggies and meat. That's it. It was tough getting used to eating that way, but I feel fantastic and was amazed when after 8 weeks I was down 20 lbs.

Whatever you try - GOOD LUCK!!!

Jenn said...

Good luck!!! I'm trying to get back to working out. I was getting up every day at 4:30 and doing it before work then I got sick and stopped. I need to get back at it...have to find a work out buddy again!

Kristen said...

I completely know how you feel, and you can totally do it Lia! And it will definitely help to have an end goal, I think that's half my problem. haha

I will suggest mixing it up to not only keep you from getting bored, but to also workout more muscle groups and keep your metabolism guessing. I hate running, honestly, but I love it too. It makes me feel great afterwards and it really is such a great workout. I'm doing the Couch to 5K workout probably next month to get me ready for The Color Run. I've done the Shred but I've never gone past Day 11 really. It's a great workout though.

Chelsea said...

I saw a bunch of your dance pins today and was like, hmmmm! SO cool! I did both drill team and trained in the studio - ballet, tap, jazz etc. Every day, all day haha. You know how that goes! I'm going to the gym after work so this has for sure inspired me to work extra hard while I'm in there :) said...

I really like Jillian- by like I mean hate but really love when the dvd is over. She will kick your butt but it works, I promise. You can do anything for 20 minutes!!!

Linds said...

Let me know if you ever want to try Camp Gladiator! You can come anytime for free to try it out and it has really helped me get in shape. It is great for all levels of fitness.