Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve Randoms + Winner

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, my little turkeys!

First things first, I have a giveaway winner to announce....
Drum roll, please!

Carolyn from Life, Love & Puppy Prints has won a $50 Shabby Apple gift card! YAY!
Carolyn is the absolute sweetest! :)

Moving on...

Can we talk about this Black Friday nonsense? 
What on earth possesses people to camp out days in advance just to get a discount on a few items? Maybe I just don't get it, but getting 50% off  {or any discount for that matter}, is NOT worth missing out on family time on Thanksgiving Day. 
That's just not OK.

Big crowds tend to give me major anxiety... I think I'll just stick to Cyber Monday. Online Christmas shopping is where it's at!
I'll be at the ranch, in a deer blind at 5:00 am on Friday morning while all you are fighting people off the crazies at Target. Ranch > Black Friday shopping.

Besides... I'm already about 80% done with my Christmas shopping. :)

I spent last night (and will do the same tonight) baking for Thanksgiving. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love spending time in the kitchen! Here's what on the {dessert} menu for tomorrow:

1. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
2. Bourbon Fudge Pecan Pie
3. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

And, in true Thanksgiving fashion, I will spend this evening watching the Thanksgiving Episode from every season of Friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!


Kristen said...

I don't get how people can wait in line either. And I think it's ridiculous that places are opening up tomorrow night. DUMB.

Anyway...have a great Thanksgiving Lia Joy!! haha

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I don't get the camping out for Black Friday either. Not worth it. Oh and I watch all the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends too. They are the best and hilarious!

Ashley said...

I can't understand the camping out idea either. Just to save a few bucks?? Have a great Thanksgiving!

Carolyn said...

I'm so excited I won! Thanks friend!! :) I can't wait for my stuff to get here!

Kaylee said...

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daltonwright007 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the turkey stop-motion clip.
Enjoy your turkey and pie. Even though ours was a month ago you've made me crave pumpkin pie again something fierce ~ off to go bake... To get more info please visit