Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12

Happy 12.12.12!
{And a very happy birthday to Kristin!}

Soo... My OHP posts are always so random! But so are my pins. So I guess it's fitting.
And you know I love me some humorous pins!

Linking up with Michelle. Enjoy!

I die.

Source: via Lia Joy on Pinterest

Loaded sweet potato! YUM!

Source: via Lia Joy on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday!
We're officially less than two weeks away from Christmas!


Madison Claire said...

I seriously can't believe Christmas is SO close. I literally haven't bought a THING! I should really get on it haha....

Courtney said...

hahaha! YES Nsync! :)

Amber Dominguez said...

That little girl can't be real. She's too cute!!

Leslie said...

I love your medley of things! Happy Thursday. :)

Sami said...

That last girl I love her blog, she always has really cute outfits. I think it's called Bows and Sequins?

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