Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts About Yours Truly

I'm linking up with the wonderfully hilarious Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants for her "Facts of Me" link up {If you don't read Whitney's blog, you're seriously missing out}

I'm left handed. I write, eat, do my makeup, play sports, etc. all with my left hand. My right hand is virtually useless. Except I do bowl and shoot (guns) right handed.

I am NOT a morning person. Hearing my alarm go off is the absolute worst part of my day! I am not a pleasant person in the mornings. {See also: hates to be woken up in the middle of the night} What can I say? Girlfriend needs her sleep!

I used to teach wakeboarding at a Christian summer camp! {fun fact: Madison was one of my campers!}

I'm a homebody. I love going out with friends and doing fun things, but my happy place is at home with my husband. I don't need to always be doing something. 

I hate feet. I don't like people touching my feet and I will legitimately freak out if someone touches me with their bare feet. They just gross me out. *chills*

Corby and I met in on the bus to New Orleans for his fraternity's formal in December of 2006. I was actually one of his fraternity brother's dates. We started dating early in 2007. {This very same formal is when Amy and I became friends}
oh hayyy no makeup!
I did ballet for 18 years. I started ballet at age 2 and finally quit at age 20. And from the ages of 13-17, my dream was to go to Julliard. An injury my senior year in high school prevented that dream from becoming a reality. 

My hair is naturally curly. Not pretty curly. Like an awkward wavy/curly/frizzy mess. You will NEVER see me wear my hair curly. I dry and straighten my hair ever other day.

My all time favorite TV show is Friends. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and I can quote every episode. I can also turn just about any situation into a Friends' reference. I will challenge anyone to a game of Friends Scene It. 

I'm an Aggie. And darn proud of it. Yes, I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2008 with a degree in Journalism and Communications. I also have a minor in Business. A&M holds a special place in my heart. 

I'm a creature of habit. I always have to sleep on a certain side of the bed. I use the same routine to get ready every. single. morning. I eat meals in certain orders. My clothes are hung in my closet by type and color. {See also: I'm OCD}

I'm an only child. And I'm extremely close to both of my parents. But, I do wish that I had brothers or sisters. I see my mom and how close she is to her brothers and sister and I envy that relationship because I'll never get to experience it.

My elbows are both double jointed. I can pop them on command and both of them hyper-extend. I used to get scolded in ballet for my arms not being straight, when there's nothing I can do about it. I popped both of them out of socket as a child and I broke one in high school which made matters worse.

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Carolyn said...

I'm so not a morning person either! Ugh. You'd think after 6 years of working at 8:30, that would change. But no. :(

Rachel Silski said...

Love all my other lefties out there!

Lins said...

I LOVE Friends! It's my fave! I'm also an only child. At times I wish I had siblings then other times not bc I'm spoiled by my parents. My mom is my best friend and I'm a total daddy's girl. :)


Texas Tanners said...

Pretty sure I could take you in some FRIENDS Scene It. Just sayin! :-)

Kayla said...

I'm a leftie too! Funny, I shoot hand guns right hand but rifles left haha!

Madison Claire said...

It's me! It's me!
I'm seriously searching through all my old pictures trying to find some of us at FC! Mark my words, I will find them, and they will be glorious! :)

Leslie said...

How fun! My hair is also not quite curly and not quite straight. And I hate waking up early in the morning.

Emily B said...

Love your fun facts! I especially feel ya on the non-morning person thing! I hit snooze 3-4 times every morning and then do the zombie walk until I get in the shower. Hubs knows not to mess with my sleep-ins on the weekend or someone will be a cranky camper. LOL

Amber said...

I'm the same way with my right hand. I can do nothing with my left at all!

I am a major creature of habit too, and love to color coordinate my closet ;)

Sami said...

I have only seen like 3 or 4 episodes of Friends. Is that weird?

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I am a Friends junkie too! Love it! And I'm also definitely not a morning person. I hate the sound of the alarm, especially when I hear it on a commercial or something. It makes me cringe.

Jennifer said...

i still watch friends on nick at nite every night. and have them all on dvd. and the only reason i don't have friends scene it is because i'm not sure anyone would play with me! haha

Elizabeth said...

I love love love friends! I love to start sentences with "It's like that one time on Friends..." And I get really sad when someone doesn't get my reference. I also hate feet and freak out if people touch me with their feet. The only feet that aren't gross are pretty little baby feet.